A few pointers to using the Payday platform

How do I use Payday?

After signup, you're getting an unique link you can send to business partners, vendors, suppliers & co. where they can add their banking information. During signup, you specify a webhook URL where we are going to send that info.

How can I identify users who have filled out the form?

Once you get your URL, you can append ?state=<something> and we'll send the request with that state in the URL.
For example, if you send your business partner the url https://payday/collect/<hash>/?state=myfavouritecustomer, we'll send the data to

In which form can I expect the data?

Form fields will differ based on the country a recipient is in. You can use TransferWise's extensive documentation to review possible fields you might receive.
If you review those documentation pages, then the details dictionary is what we'd send to you as part of the data dictionary, see example.
{"data": {
"legalType": "PRIVATE",
"abartn": "111000025",
"accountNumber": "12345678",
"accountType": "CHECKING",
"address" : {
"country": "GB",
"city": "London",
"postCode": "10025",
"firstLine": "50 Branson Ave"